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Do your employees know where to go?
Are you aiming for a niche strategy?
Which external influences did you take into account?
Who is your client?

Do you have a




Do you want to develop your company and would like to work out where the journey is headed?

Is there a lack of clear direction in your company? Would you like to know how you can prepare your company for times of crisis? Does your management team want to prepare better for the future and not miss any important trends? Would you like to make your company sustainable?


Do you just need input on strategy?



Know where to go!

We support you in developing a common vision for the future and in defining important guidelines for strategic planning. Together with your team, we use the strengths of your company and see opportunities in new technology and market trends in order to create special added value for your customers. We work with storytelling, business modeling and design thinking approaches, etc.




A vision is a clearly defined picture of the future of a company. It points approx. 5-10 years into the future and is strategically defined. The vision should be clearly communicated within the company and be sufficiently specific and emotional. As a result, it can act as a kind of guiding star or lighthouse in the company. With design thinking and storytelling, we help you to define your vision more precisely and formulate it clearly. We make sure that you don't overlook any relevant technology and lifestyle trends when looking into the future .



The mission briefly and concisely describes what the task and purpose of the company is. A mission statement defines what the company's positive contribution to customers and society is. The stated purpose of the company is aligned with the vision and should answer: WHAT do we do, HOW for WHOM and WHY? We support you in getting to the point.




Values ​​are present in every company - even if not always formulated. They can also be contained implicitly in the mission statement (in the question HOW or WHY?). Formulated corporate values ​​can, however, provide orientation, especially in growing organizations, and serve as "guard rails" for daily activities. We support you with the right tools to create a sustainable foundation of values for your company.




A well-formulated strategy clearly shows the fields of action with which the mission is to be implemented and the vision to be achieved. The strategy takes into account all of the company's stakeholders such as customers, employees or shareholders. It can be divided into sub-areas that fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle - e.g. innovation strategy, sales strategy, etc. With business modeling, we clarify your business model and strategy and use techniques such as storytelling to bring the views and emotions of the stakeholders. Of course, strategic foresight is important as well!



In business modeling, we either jointly create a new business model based on your ideas or analyze an existing business model with the help of the Business Model Canvas and other tools and check it for possible innovations (e.g. in product / service / sales channel / network / production / revenue model ). This process is of course crucial for start-ups, but also an essential tool for established companies to determine the status quo and to develop future potentials based on this.



"Once upon a time ..." - in a business context, storytelling is a powerful tool that makes it possible to better empathize with relevant people and target groups through "stories". This creates important insights that can make the decisive advantage. Storytelling can be used very effectively for vision, mission, strategy or even innovations. It can be embedded very well in design thinking or scrum processes .

Business Modelling
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We offer all topics from the field of strategy as required as:

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