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Do you have T-shaped profiles in your innovation team?

Is your team sufficiently diversified?

Does the project manager have the necessary leadership qualifications?

Is your high potential a team player?

Who is your




Do you want to turn your employees into a real performance team?

Do you want to put together a creative and effective innovation team? Would you like your employees to work in a self-organizing manner? Do you want to know whether your high potential is suitable for your new key position? Does your innovation team need more diversity? Are there high friction losses in your team?

Do you just need input on the subject of performance teams?



Raise your potential!

We support you in putting together a powerful team and ascertain the potential of your employees using CAPTain potential analysis. This scientifically based test method is successfully used in recruiting and personnel development. We support you in the selection, development and coaching of a team or selected employees.

Because the right person in the right place can be decisive!




When it comes to innovation, the team is crucial. Innovation should have a strong advocate in the top management. In addition, innovation managers or project managers need as diverse an innovation team as possible. This is how you get the best and most sustainable results.



We will help you choose the right person (internal or external) for the various roles. We not only rely on our experience, but also on CAPTain potential analysis tests. This allows you to filter out those candidates who have sufficient creativity, analytical skills, leadership skills, etc. when recruiting or putting together an internal team.




A potential test is also useful in personnel development in order to use your high potentials correctly. With appropriate coaching, employees can adjust to their requirements even better and be deployed and developed optimally .




As certified consultants, we work with CAPTain potential analysis tests. CAPTain stands for Computer Aided Personal Testing Answers Inevitable. This is a scientifically recognized personal test that depicts work behavior in 38 dimensions. In this way you get to know the strengths and development potential of your employees better and can deploy and develop them perfectly.



CAPTain is used internationally by corporations such as Porsche Holding or Bertelsmann Media and universities such as the JKU Linz or the University of Vienna. But numerous SMEs also use CAPTain successfully in recruiting and personnel development.


Herz & Hände


We offer all topics from the field of performance teams as required as:

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