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Have you implemented methods such as Scrum, Kanban or Design Thinking?
What role does customer feedback play in your company?
Are your teams self-organizing?
Do you work iteratively?

Do you work with




Do you want to get to know new agile ways of working and see first results quickly?

Do you want to implement design thinking in your company? Are you planning a project and would like to try out a new agile way of working?

Does your development team need more customer focus? Do you want to make sure that you do not miss the market? Do you want to reduce the risk of a mistake in product development?

Do you just need input on the subject of agile working?



Agile = customer-centered, iterative & self-organizing!

Together with you, we will define the optimal way of working for your team and then ideally start "doing" a specific application.

In a design sprint, for example, your team is introduced to the basics of design thinking based on a specific design process and works out customer-centered solutions in small groups. A sprint usually lasts 2 days and the participants take with them not only the results but also new tools and the mindset of a design thinker. Of course, we also advise and support you during an entire project if required.



An agile mindset is shown, for example, in the 5 Scrum values: respect, openness, focus, courage and commitment . In other words, the people involved should be empathetic and capable of working in a team, open to new and experimental learning, have the courage to act and make decisions, and consciously contribute creatively and actively. Of course, this must be made possible by the company. A corresponding agile culture can develop through iterative action and learning by the organization. We support you in preparing your organization for agile working.



Agile teams work in a self-organizing manner. Through the team members, a team must combine all the skills it needs to achieve its goal. Therefore, agile teams are usually multidisciplinary and ideally diversified (in terms of seniority, gender, training, background, way of working, etc.). How the team works and how it achieves objectives is up to the team. We support you in team selection and in coaching and developing your high potentials. More about this under Performance Teams >>




Agile working aims to create value in repetitive (= iterative) relatively short development cycles . This enables rapid adaptation to new framework conditions and ongoing integration of new learnings, for example through prototypes, tests and customer feedback. The company benefits, for example, from better customer benefits, a quick time-to-market and a more manageable risk situation. Frameworks for agile work are, for example, Design Thinking >> and Scrum >> We help you to get to know and implement agile working methods, depending on your situation and your development areas.



Design Thinking is a customer-centered iterative approach to problem solving and development that is based on the way designers work (= design), but also includes analytical components (= thinking). Contrary to what the name might suggest, it is also crucial to validate and implement ideas and improvements. A design thinking loop consists of the following phases: ascertaining the status quo >> exploring / observing / generating new insights >> ideation >> making something out of it - prototype / MVP / etc. >> validate. We introduce your team to the subject of design thinking and ideally start with a specific problem. This can be a product / service or business model innovation, or a vision or strategy work .



The Scrum Framework comes from the field of software development, but is equally suitable for the development of products and services and for the identification of profitable markets, technologies and product features. Scrum works with short iterative development cycles, so-called "sprints. Here, too, it is essential to create value through high customer benefit and empirical access. There are defined roles in Scrum ( Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team ). As a Professional Scrum Master, we support you in introducing the topic and implementing it in your company. You can find more about Scrum here >>


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We offer all topics from the area of agile work as required as:

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