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In order to develop successful products, services or business models for the future now, we work with trends. For example, we take into account technology trends such as AI, robotics, AR / VR, etc. and also lifestyle megatrends of the Zukunftsinstitut. "Weak signals" from your industry and your environment are also integrated to enable a 360 ° view. The future starts now!


Only those who act sustainably are successful in the long term. That is our belief. That is why we also focus on sustainability in your company. Thinking in cycles, working in networks, service orientation, reducing negative external effects and generating positive effects are just a few of the relevant aspects.

You can find more about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the initiative here >>


We use a variety of creativity techniques and ideation tools  to develop unique solutions with your team. Regardless of whether it's product development, service design or business modeling - the trickier the problem, the better! Through our way of working we leverage undreamt-of potential, because creativity is our strength.


Of course, an in-depth analysis is not neglected either. Depending on the situation, we work with the business model canvas , with various design thinking tools such as personas, customer journey, context matrix etc. and of course with your existing business data and ongoing outcomes such as feedback on surveys, prototyping, etc. We also take a look at other industries, searching for analogies and best practices .


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