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Do you want to further develop your product or service in order to be successful in the market in the future?

Are you planning to expand your range and are not yet sure what the customer wants? Does your innovation team need a little external kick to overcome their operational blindness? You are not sure how the current market situation and technological change should influence your development? Should your employees get to know new innovation methods and ideation tools? Do you have an idea and want to turn it into an innovative business model?

Do you just need input on the subject of innovation?



Innovation is key!

Together with your team, we develop one or more specific, customer-centered innovations, taking into account current technology and lifestyle trends. So that you can stay ahead in the future.

Regardless of whether it's product, service or business model innovation - with the right innovation strategy and design thinking or lean startup tools, we accompany your company one step into the future.

If necessary, we can also support your team with implementation and continuously develop your innovation mindset.


What is your innovation strategy?
Do you work with lean startup or design thinking tools?  
How many iteration loops are you doing?
Do you use MVPs?

Do you also look




Innovation is about creating value for the company. This works best with a focus on high customer benefit and sustainability - embedded in an agile innovation method . To develop an innovation mindset in a company, an open corporate culture and support from top management is necessary.



We help you to find a clear direction for your future innovation activities. This also includes a company-internal definition of the term "innovation". The innovation strategy must of course match your general corporate vision and strategy . In addition, it should take into account your strengths and opportunities in your environment, as well as the development in the customer's environment, have sufficient vision and be sustainable .



In line with your innovation strategy, we help you to select and implement the innovation method that best suits your needs. We specialize in agile methods such as Design Thinking and Scrum. We also help you to optimize your existing innovation process in order to achieve better customer benefits or a quicker time-to-market .




An innovation process does not normally run linearly but rather interactively in loops - called "loops" in Design Thinking or "sprints" in Scrum. In each loop there are different basic steps or phases that are run through:

Survey of the status quo >> Research / Observe / Generate new insights >> Ideation >> Make something out of it - Prototype / MVP / etc. >> Validate

We help you to establish a corresponding process or, if necessary, with individual process steps.



If required, we also support you with individual process steps - here is just a selection:

TREND ANALYSIS: Together with your team, we work out the potential influences of current technology and lifestyle trends on your company.

CUSTOMER INSIGHTS: By working with personas, storytelling , the value proposition canvas and other tools, we develop completely new insights.

IDEATION: Creativity is our strength. We support your team on the hunt for new ideas with a variety of creativity techniques.



Contact us now for an individual consultation on your innovation project!

Herz & Hände


We offer all topics from the field of innovation as required as:

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