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IDEAZ Business Innovation was founded with the aim of helping companies to actively prepare for the future in times of dynamic change in the market and technology environment and to strengthen their position in the market.


We are convinced that only companies that act sustainably will be successful in the long term .


Even innovative companies often need a new perspective, new methods or a new way of thinking.


Let's shape the future together - with fresh ideas!



Dr. Edith Öller is the founder of IDEAZ Business Innovation.

In addition to studying International Business Administration, she graduated from the University of Fine Arts and dealt intensively with the topics of design thinking and business modeling.

In her work she combines creativity and analytics. In addition, she has many years of experience as CEO and Business Development Manager in various companies.

Creativity and implementation skills become an existential competitive advantage in complex, dynamic markets.


Dr. Edith Öller

Anker 1

I  nnovation

D esign Thinking & Creative Doing

E ntrepreneurship

A gility

Z Future-orientation & Sustainability

IDEAZ Business Innovation focuses on innovation and business modeling . We support you in the development of new ideas, new products and new business models and accompany you in their implementation.

Please find more about our services here >> .


We work with a network of consultants and can therefore also access experts in the areas of IT, production control, process management, quality management, etc. as required.


Our partner and expert in sales is EWOS Institut für Vertriebsentwicklung.

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